Many literary magazines don't allow submissions to be previously published online, even on personal sites, but here are a few poems to give you an idea of my non-copywriting writing. My most recent publications include"The Atomic Ark" in Tahoma Literary Review, vol. 2 no. 2, Summer 2015, and "Aftermath" in Rattle, issue #43, Spring 2014.

Note: Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013, media outlets erupted with speculation about the identity and background of the bombers. Everything from family interviews to social media outlets were scoured for clues as to the motivations and personalities of the perpetrators, and this wild speculation and inference drove me to seek out Dzokhar Tsarnaev's own words. The entirety of this poem is constructed of whole and partial quotes pulled from his Twitter feed, plus punctuation edits. It is meant only as a writing exercise and exploration. Thanks for reading.



My roommate talks in his sleep.
When he does, I respond:

There are enough worms
for all the birds to stop

killing each other for them.
When he does, I respond:

Everything in life can be free
if you run fast enough.

When he does, I respond:
Wish for your brother

what you wish for yourself.
It's so loud inside my head.

It must alter his dreams.
I can't seem to drift away

when I have one ear pressed
against the pillow and

I start to hear my heart beat––
who can sleep with all that noise?